Thursday, 10 October 2013

Business is paying off for Afrocandy

She's 'swimming' in dollars lol.She captioned it "You wanna know why you don't see me in pictures posing with other celebs? It's cos I don't do GROUPIES. I'm a one man squad kind of BOOS !! 

Lmao How much is this nao candy?


  1. Smh. I wish her speedy recovery from this sickness affecting her

  2. I'm beginning to believe d only cheapest commodity dis babe's brain possess is STUPIDITY...pls how much is she flaunting..dem don seat belt her craze join one fit loose am...

  3. She looks like she is in a cheap motel -look at the duvet.Look at her pvc corset Lol! !!Is this the cash from a nights parole on the street? Shame!