Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye glows in love

Two people been in love is the most amazing feeling ever.They glow from within and they just look beautiful and happy together.That certain aura is just unexplainable.Can you see that sparkle in Sunmbo and her hubby,Pastor Adeoye's eyes?Well,I can.

Good morning lovely people.


  1. Am happy she's happy. Toun, post the link and prcedure for voting for those who have not voted :)

    1. The link is on the side of the blog dear.If you change from mobile version to web version,you'll be able to see it.Thanx sweets.

  2. Nice couple btw
    What link is that?

  3. Aww dis life,u can erase ur past and rewrite d story of ur life.who says u don't deserve to be happy?God bless ur home sumbo and very soon,u shall be blessed wt d fruit of d womb amen

  4. If u cannot LOVE ONE ANOTHER , don't complicate ur not sweat it or regret it , just move on and forget it or better still just scramble the words and LOVE ANOTHER ONE... I love u sumbo for moving on..God bless ur union...

  5. @Shugy and Wunmi,it's the Nigerian blog awards going on.
    Sorry people,I was offline yesterday.