Monday, 18 November 2013

A memo to Tiwa from a fan

I got this from another blog.This fan is obviously mad at Tiwa for wanting to get married to Teebillz.Times, I wonder if our celebs read things like this.Read her outburst below.

"..So I read in some interviews that her fiancé said that they have a limited invitation cards for their wedding which means he doesn’t want crowd, fans or party crashers at his wedding, and I was like “whatever” that he has pride and what was he feeling like with the believe that Tiwa doesn’t know anything about this and she wouldn’t say such to her fans.
    But to my own surprise, few days later I read in another interview where Tiwa also said the same thing “If you’re not invited don’t come to our wedding”, I was really disappointed that she could say such despite the fact that we are the ones buying her records and also it is our money they want to use for this their wedding ooo. These artistes don’t know that without with us (fans) they can’t succeed in this business.
       I made up my mind never to buy her records again, for her and her fiancé to say such to their fans who buy their records. So I began to wonder why would they say such, is it that they don’t want to spend, they are being stingy or maybe they want a low key wedding which I don’t think so.
     So today I was going through some blogs and I saw a gist that the controversial Kemi Omololu Ololoyun said Tiwa Savage is getting married to a married man with a kid, huh! I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it I had go straight to google and search if the story is true, trust google, google showed me everything patapata and it was confirmed that this her fiancé Tee billz is indeed married with a kid but separated and not yet divorced.
     What da f**k! So I realise this is the reason she doesn’t want crowd at her wedding because she’s scared. But seriously Why would she do such? I’m highly disappointed in her, it shows she is very desperate to get married with the fact that it is illegal to get married to a married man who isn’t divorced. Shame on you Tiwa Savage, is it someone like you that is suppose to say you don’t want crowd and uninvited guests at your wedding? You want to marry somebody else’s husband yet you flew abroad to buy wedding gown and you con dey flaunt am to the world, shame no catch you.
    Anyways, I am happy for you but please be wise, let the divorce come first before you enter his house biko, we all know you are not getting any younger but please little patience would do. Getting married to a legally married man is totally wrong, it only shows how desperate you are.

And once again, is it true you caused the rift between Don Jazzy and Wande Coal? Xoxo"


  1. some fans sha, but seriously I don't like the fact that she wants to get married to a man who isn't divorced or even married before.
    But what matters most is her happiness. If shes happy fine and I pray God cont to guide her with wisdom cos that's one priceless gift a woman can ve.

  2. *yawns* why is the writer sounding pained nah? She said she doesn't want gate crashers, any problem with that? My cousin wedded and printed only 500 IVs. Abeg whether she is getting married to a married man or not is nobody's headache jare. When funke did it admist warning, did she not bear the brunt alone? Net abeg

  3. Why dis person come dey vex?wetin concern u for there?u dey take panadol on top anoda person headache

  4. There is fire on d mountain..and nobody seems to be on d run ..there is fire on d mountain top..and no one is running..
    @ concern fan,if the parties involved seem not to be disturbed.. Wetin come concern blind man with "up Nepa"..