Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Battle of the titans!Emmy Collins vs Laura Ikeji

I don't even know what caused the twitter rants.I guess Emmy must have written something unpalatable about Laura hence the exchange of words.Oya read their tweets below:
For those that don't know,Emmy is a celebrity fashion critic while Laura is Linda Ikeji's younger sister.

Biko Laura,slow down on 'my sister this,my sister that'.People like us that don't have sisters nko?Hug transformer?Lol


  1. And what's her claim to fame again? My sis , my sis. .mgbeke feeling funky

  2. This girl has mouth diarrhea. P.S calling on kidnappers, here is another money miss road

  3. Gossip don dey too much for this blog o. I seriously miss d beautiful dresses u make. Stay focused ma n forget cheap gossip na married woman u be abeg forget dem youngster!