Tuesday, 12 November 2013

People should pray for me to meet the bone of my bone-Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele may have moved on from the trauma of her broken marriage,but deep down inside her,the 36 year old actress still hopes someday,soon,she becomes someone's 'Mrs' and start a family of her own.
“Man proposes and God disposes, so people should keep their fingers crossed and pray for me to meet the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh and not somebody else.
“It is one of my dreams to bear children soon and I believe it will come to pass soon. Once I start my home, I hope to cut down on acting so that I can give my family more attention,”
“Some of my mates have more than three kids today".
She also has a message for some of the guys who are scared to approach her:

“To all the guys scared of approaching me for marriage, I say, you don’t have to let inferiority complex overwhelm you. If God says you are the right person for me, then nothing will stop it.”


  1. Funky babe, take it easy once beaten 2wce shy learn very well frm ur past mistake u don't need to break another woman's heart in other to be happy. Now u know what is called heartbreak. Pray 4 ursef we all have issues in our life to pray 4. So baby girl u ar on ur own.

  2. Choi Temmy babe,after being nice up there you ended it with "So baby girl u ar on ur own."

  3. u see urself?.i hope u now know how it feels for a woman to av a broken home?remember wat u did to Femi Adebayo's wife?