Friday, 15 November 2013

Check out hawt pictures of 2shotz wife,Precious Jones

That's the apple of 2shotz' eyes,Precious  Echeofu aka Precious Jones.They got married 8 months ago and as you can see,marriage agrees with her.She's beautiful,So I declare her 'Beauty of the day'.


  1. beauty of d day gini?behave urself dis woman.e be like say u don drink 2 much dis Friday abi?

  2. Olori-ebi dey vex ooo...make everyone carry una head oo..Detoun, u sha know say no be only mouth Yum Yum mummy get...Check history ooo..thank God say record dey...if u make Yum Yum mummy vex ,if she declare war peren,na her back I go dey ooo cos na me go dey supply her bottles wey she go dey break...I sha don tell my own...
    As for d beauty of d day..The babe set die..but I just pray make d guy name no represent or reflect in d marriage ...2 SHORT..

    1. Don't mind yum mum.The babe is fine o.Dont know what she's saying.