Friday, 15 November 2013

The Angelina Jolie Effect

The thigh high slit was glamourised by Hollywood actress,Angelina Jolie earlier this year.The truth many people don't know is that she received a lot of slamming for daring to reveal some unflattering legs/thighs.Shockingly,it is now a common trend on every red carpet.Okay's a trend,we accept.Back to my Naija celebrities,Why on earth would some ladies wear a high slit dress and still deliberately stick out their legs to pose for a snap shot?Isn't it very annoying?It's a slit dress,we see your legs already!!!!
Check out some of the offenders below:

Angelina Jolie.Trendsetter

Tiwa Savage
Elohor Aisen
The model wore it perfectly.She didn't force the slit
Rita Dominic.C'mon nah Rita
Oh Lawd!Like seriously?
Beverly Naya lol
Adaora Oleh didn't do badly either
The problem with Karen's slit is that,there's no where to hide her thighs/legs even if she intended to.The slit was more like a......a......dunno.(Something I like about Karen,She has the bad girl image but she's well behaved.She doesn't look for  unnecessary attention) 

Please readers,be the judge.Who is the greatest offender of them all?


  1. D worst offender is lo ko si? Followed by rita

  2. I can forgive Rita bcos she did a sexy pose like Jolie but how can I forgive person wey no only stop @ d thigh but went ahead to "tear" her back like d@?... But on a serious note d@ woman wey dey show for Jolie's pix , why she dress like all dis "yeye Osun" wey dey always roam abt d market places to pray for pple and collect money..D only thing wey she no carry na their small bell wey dem dey always dey shake...o ma shee oo.

  3. Karen no keel person.
    @toun wat makes u think she doesn't look for uneccesary attentn?u mean pple don't give her d attention she craves for.