Thursday, 21 November 2013

Karen Igho is now a British Citizen

This is one of the worst pictures of Karen I've seen.Or should I say one of the worst bikini shots of her.She shouldn't have posted this.(it is not every photo you feel is sexy that you post on social media).
Well,She posted this picture to celebrate her UK citizenship which she just got.
Me I didn't know you can get a UK citizenship while living outside UK.True i didn't know that.Hmmm things you learn everyday.


  1. I'm not surprise..looking @ karen's physique, some parts of her body need UK citizenship...cos dem no belong here. But we still claim d parts wey belong to naija sha ooo(BritishNigerian).congrats..

    Detoun , can u make a post whr we can make a shout out?... I need to make a shout out to some pple...Thanks in advance..

  2. Lol @some parts of her need UK citizenship.
    On the shout out thingy,a big shout out to Lollybee and Tara.Miss you ladies.

  3. A big shout out to these wonderful sisters.
    Tara, babes whr u dey oo?
    Lollybee , hope no be another trapped in d closet?
    Doyin, sweetheart u dey dull me ooo..
    ZiZi darling, I'm just praying and hoping u haven't done d@ wedding behind our back oo..u know u promised to send an invite..abi na seat number u too wan send ni ? I sha dey wait so d@ I can run to tweet and rant abt my seat number like some pple..
    I wld av added Yems but she's back already..
    And to my one and only bobo... Prodigy, abeg show now..
    Miss u all like Kilode gan...