Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Must read.Do you agree with this?(Sounds true but too serious)

Funke Akindele And The Bastardisation Of The English Language – Daniel Odih 
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The Nigerian entertainment industry, as well as the Nigerian government and society, is greatly contributing to the falling standard of education in Nigeria.

Children, just like adults, over the years, believe in the printed and electronic media and they copy, or hold so dear, whatever they see or hear on TV and read in newspapers.

Before now, entertainers like Zebrudaya Okeke alias 4:30,

Jaguar, etc enlivened the industry and provoked laughter, while infesting the learning environment with wrong grammatical expressions, sounds and idioms.

For example, “More grease to your elbow” is a bastardised version of “More power to your elbow”; “Cut your coat according to your size” instead of “Cut your coat according to your cloth”; “Action speak louder than voice” instead of “Actions speak louder than words”; “The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know” instead of “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”; and “Half bread is better than none” instead of “Half a loaf is better than no bread.”

These are a few examples of English expressions that have been bastardised as a result of our contact with the
entertainment industry.

From the music industry, entertainers such as Olamide,

Whizkid have changed the mindset of many young Nigerians, infusing slangs – which students remember quicker than a teacher’s teaching or formals – into their songs. Such spirit kills the quality of teaching and learning.

The worst of these people in this century is Funke Akindele. She rose to stardom by her clownish behaviour and expressions. Such expressions and utterances are, in fact, killing the quality of education in Nigeria. In her movie, The Hero, Funke’s grammar was so bad that it made watching the movie very tiresome for the learned and highly lettered ones.

No one in their sane mind would sit and watch Funke’s recent movies and feel that they are watching a good movie – except if they are of the same background as Funke.

She says: “Who is you?” instead of Who are you?; “I am deading” rather than I am dying; “This womens” – These women; “Let me told you” – Let me tell you; “Foice” – Voice; “Shindren” – Children; “Sow” – Show, etc. Such comic but deadly statements are condemnable.

Such laughter provoking but academically killing grammar should be extirpated completely if Funke must make sense to million of people like me. Funke can still make her millions while speaking normal. This melodramatic and bastardised grammar is only killing our youth who watch a lot of home videos. It does not build them. And woe is he who pleases himself while giving a painless death to other people.

Every lover of success for tomorrow’s leaders should stand up and speak against the grammar abuse by our entertainers.
Although one may not blame them completely, for they are speaking to the best of their knowledge, it is expedient for them to know that a million people rely on their spoken grammar.

Entertainers such as Genevieve Nnaji, Pete Edochie and Ini Edo, made a name for themselves without abusing the rules of grammar usage.

Such grammar abuse, in my view, is a Unclad sign of half education.


  1. Issokai! We all knw its a movie-just for entertainment, notin srz, altho' It smtyms exaggerated. But if he's complaining abt funke, altho she started it, wat abt d social media..facebk,twitter n all..where pple av turned english 2 smtg else

  2. Okay, first,the guy sounds like a pompous ass! Did I read "million of people like me" ? Gbagaun! So Funke Akindele's grammar is what will polute or corrupt years of learnt english in the classrooms. He should just face the facts. Our standard of education has fallen and 1 movie is not going to change twelve years of rubbish learnt in schools. As if your not watching her movies is going to make a difference when she's laughing all the way to the bank. And when we watch even the American movies, we are meant to be entertained and not take everything hook, line and sinker. That is why it is called the entertainment industry and it is different from the classroom. Enough of my rant. I am not Funke's sister, cousin or friend but the guy just sounds like a kill joy kind of person. And there is no need to insult her background as well. Lonnnnggg hisssss.

  3. Oga Felix abeg cool down isn't dat serious and it's fucking called make pple laugh.imagine if we all go abt d world speaking correct queens English and no comic relief at all,imagine d kind of world it wld be?funke didn't start d don't fucking pick on her.iif u want to complain,den start picking on d likes of babasala,chief zebrudaya,grin gory etc.i don't ever wish to meet or know someone like u cos ur sense of humour will be at zero level.oshi oda

    1. Sorry I meant oga Daniel.wr did I see Felix?

  4. @ Toun, pls tell this "Worefa" guy what the definition of Entertainment is as well as Comedy!
    Any learned person knows where to draw the line between watching Jenifa (and her grammar) and what is expected of him or her within the elite circle!
    The Nigerian economy and its environ's hard enough, kudos to Funke Akindele, Olamide, Wizkid and their likes for their comic and theatrical relief!
    Excuse me 'Oga Sura' All these people are graduates or undergraduates! They have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the area of employment, contributed to the growth of the economy directly or indirectly via exporting their talents and also given hope to the million and more people who ain't got no corrupt politician to bail them out of poverty!
    Also, Funke Akindele's a graduate so what are U on about?!
    Olamide, Wizkid et al are selling out shows at the O2 here in the UK and have all put Nigeria on the world map making us a force to be reckoned with despite our failed and corrupt government officials!!!
    E Jor sir, e wo leyin ti se?! Has anyone heard of this non entity before?! #HowDareYou?????
    Lastly, U r too serious and rigid for my liking, let Ur guard down and chillax!!! One life to live...Y.O.L.O!!!

  5. Mr Dan, is any of ur cousins, nephews, nieces or even kids always bringing home E8 or F9 in English language from school?...abi why all dis now...pls tell me how many of our serious English movies have u learnt proper pronunciation of words(I mean d proper sounds)? It's not our language..
    U are not writing on how vulgar and abusive words can damage our society but how expressions meant to be a joke can...I hear u..I've learnt the word "joke" "funny" since when I was in primary school and I know it means "don't take it serious"...even words like fuck,shit,asshole,etc are not even ur concern..abi?
    Pls , when was d last time u did something for the first time? You know we don't always need to think outside the box,sometimes it's good to think like there is no box @ all..
    My advice to u...Always find a reason to may not add years to ur life but will surely add life to ur years..

  6. Toun, I tink dis man shud just stop hatin. Personally I don't lyk d movie becos of d grama. But some pple dey gbadun her so no hard feelin. So far she is being enjoyed by others. Mr woteva take a back seat and stop hatin