Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Mercy Johnson's fans disappointed at her response to movie marketers

It's no longer news that association of movie marketers in Nigeria have decided to ban Mercy Johnson for being too high to maintain on movie sets and I believe some of you read her reply/response to the marketers.Her response was that they should stick to kain kain if they can't afford Heineken which literally means they should go for cheaper actresses if they can't afford her.She's the highest paid female actor in Nollywood as at this moment,going home with about 1.8 million naira per script.Well,her fans are highly disappointed with such a response from her and they went on twitter to vent their anger.Read some of the tweets below:

"She seems to have gathered too much weight and has hurriedly forgotten those days when she used to go on bended knees for a 'waka pass' Role in movies. They will teach her a lesson"

"I have warned you elsewhere Mercy, to limit your 'gra gra', Don't do 'Gra Gra', lots of 'gra gra' people like you have come and gone and never return, so please lower your 'gra gra' the end of the fame may be knocking at your door. Be warned."

"Mercy Johnson, humble yourself and make humility your watchword. You are not endowed beauty wise as the likes of Genny, Omosexy, Rita etc who any day can still make a living from corporate endorsements because of their good look, Mercy Johnson you are ugly, rough and don't belong to the class of the beautiful ones as to get any such endorsement contract. If all you make a living out of, is acting and you are unable to manage your ego as is beginning to show then the end is drawing so close and so fast. Don't forget younger actresses are coming up fast and thick just like you also came and made your mark and obviously all the signs being exhibited by you shows your time is up to give way to others to continue where you've chosen to stop."


  1. D last tweet is so rude.dat was uncalled for.remember this pple are human.

  2. All I know abt being stupid is d@ I don't know anytin abt it @ all.It takes personality to make someone beautiful.Mind u,it was dis ugliness, roughness d@ brought her to dis level.all dem pretty,whr dem dey?.U know d@ is why Hollywood will never be a joke bcos they respect brain&place it over beauty.She's ugly but she has been hugged&kissed by dem cutest guys in movies&she's also married to a cute man.She's ugly&rough but she doesn't fuck around like dem pretty girls..d@'s dignity, d@'s virtue, d@'s a celebrity, bcos no matter the d economy of the jungle,Lion can never eat grass.It's not's just who he is.
    U shouting dem marketers assist her.shey na 2day..w@ shld all dem customer care agents d@ works with MTN do?afterall they keep saying "hello, how may I assist u" everytime u call their customer care&they are ready to assist u.
    Nobody made her.God has made her,dem marketers are jst given an opportunity to be mentioned in her success story when it's time to write it.(like Dbanj mentioned Genevieve).they saw her&grab her bcos she has potential..and she builds herself everyday to get better..u know d@ sweat,d@ determination,d@ hard-to-find alloy called gut.She put all these 2gether to get her to d top.
    And to the second fan, U think she's jst hearing d@ or she doesn't know...abeg free her joor,she's prepared&willing to take the risk..afterall everytin in life comes with a risk,even a blow job..I mean u av to trust a girl with ur life to insert ur "John Thomas" in2 her mouth full of teeth.Besides a bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because its trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself.
    Back to history, I av never heard of such celebrity d@ regretted after he or she was banned..Nothing can defeat u if u make up ur mind to fight&nothing can save u if u av accepted defeat.I'm just sorry for all dis marketers..illiteracy ba won ja..
    My advice to mercy , if u find urself in a hole , d first thing to do is stop digging.. If u know w@ I mean...nevertheless, fight & push harder 4 w@ u believe in , u will be surprise u are much stronger than u think... My respect to Omot, Genny, Uche Osotule, Sola shobowale, the Jacobs, Bukky Ajayi...and to u all.

    1. Lol at first when I saw this,I thot I had mistakenly posted here.

    2. Why all dis preaching madam? It's simple advise mercy to be humble... she 's nt all that! I cnt evn stand her movies.. *rme*

  3. MJ isn't d most paid. Seems xstardess knws just lil abt MJ. D last comment is rude but d truth. She shld make do with d one she's getting...half bread is better dan none!

  4. Hmmm she shld tread softly o.these pple made u,they can break u too.a lot av come and gone.she shld just be diplomatic abt it

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  7. This whole page is so full of **HateSpeech** and envy. Not even ONE positive line on Mercy. **SoSkewed**

    Next story plz