Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stardom is not an enviable world

“I was at the airport sometime back and a woman came to say hello. Of course, I greeted her politely. Again, she came and I did same thing. Again, she came and I was still my smiling self. This went on like 20 times and she brought many people to see me! When it was time to board the plane, I was on a queue and suddenly had a slap on my back! It was the woman and she said, ‘Abebelube’ (Yoruba word for a more-than-smart person) and laughed. I was hurt! But I just grinned and said ‘thank you ma.’ 

The normal Funke Akindele would have reacted but I just reminded myself of the status. But I am human! I remember having fever, went to the clinic, was asked to run a test and as my doctor attended to me, another doctor passed by and said in everyone’s hearing that, ‘Funke Akindele came for a pregnancy test!’ Though he was joking, what if those people picked it up and the rumour spread? Even if I came for a pregnancy test, am I not entitled to my privacy? It is not too enviable a world.”

1 comment:

  1. O ma dupe pe ko ja e si ihoho..make u thank ur star say she no tear you naked..u still dey say if na normal Funke shey u don come turn abnormal Funke Bcos u reacted maturely?.. if u know who she is u go go one corner dey sing praises..abi u no know say she fit dey related to the wives of ur Ex..celebrities like u wey don get skeleton for cupboard b4 shld expect igbaju , igbamu, igbati, abara ojiji from strangers..
    Detoun, stardom is an enviable and see celebrities d@ worth emulating..