Friday, 8 November 2013

Why Nigerian actresses go for married men

Her name is Bose Arowosegbe and she's an upcoming actress in the yoruba movie genre.She gave this exclusive interview to vanguard newspaper and reveals the reason why a lot of female actors prefer to date a married man.

Why are many actresses getting married to married men?

I am married to a married man too. I have not told anyone this before. Other journalists I have met were fed the story that my husband is abroad when he has always been in the country.
Most single men out there are not matured enough to handle the fact that actresses are normal women. They believe we are harlots to be used and dumped. I believe they are too immature to handle the life around us. They are easily affected by things they read and hear about us, and also things they see on screen about us.
But married men are matured to handle all this. They listen to us instead of listening to gist about us. They seem to understand women better. Besides, they are more caring, gentler and wiser.

You just said you are a jealous woman, how then can you share your man with another woman?

Because I knew he was married before I decided to marry him. It was my decision and I knew what I was walking into. Before I made up my mind I knew the price I was to pay and how I have to adapt to that. I have decided to share with the woman inside not any one outside.

*sigh.okay if you say so*


  1. Toun, dis is absolute nonesense. I expected more dan dis frm ur blog. How will a woman be happy in destroyn fellow woman's home? She make me sick and wanna throw up.

    1. I'm not in support of her.Never!I just wanted to share it with my readers and read what they feel.

  2. No wonder they end up with divorced homes.So marrying anoda woman's husband is a first class ticket to happiness?u are on a long tin.

  3. Detoun, why is it d@ some women won't date a man d@ still lives with his mama ,but will sleep with a man d@ lives with his wife?
    Bose, I think ur brain na "follow come", if not u wld know he's already sleeping with another girl and will soon bring her home..Karma..
    Besides Detoun, they said we yoruba mums produce d best slaps,like igbati, ifoti, igbaju, igbarun, iforun, ifakun, iladi & abara..abeg make we use some honour dis gal in order to clear her eyes and brain?..
    The funniest tin is d@ she didn't mention d "koko" why dem dey go for married men... Abi she fit marry a poor married man ni?..

    1. Hehehe I love it that you always make your point In a sarcastic way.