Friday, 8 November 2013

Why would Yvonne Jegede call Yvonne Nelson an attention seeker?

Read her tweets below

Lol not a very nice way to come back into the industry and she even called herself a good actress?Lmao
Well,Yvonne Nelson is yet to reply her.I hope and seriously wish she doesn't.


  1. Or she is d attention seeker..u knw she just got bck, so she's kinda getting publicity for herself. We all knw nelson isn't an attention seeker @ all

  2. This lady can't even act to save her career and she dared to compare her self with an award winning actress like Nelson.Now we know the real attention seeker

  3. And to think I love Yvonne Jegede ooo... I just love her freestyle and not too serious way of acting...Anyway sha ,I will be here sitting, watching who is seeking attention, @ ease or round abt turn.....

  4. Maybe someone hacked into her twitter acct?lets just assume.