Saturday, 28 December 2013

I Have Received All Manner Of Nude Pictures From Women'' Akex Ekubo

Like I said before,if you love strawberries,you'd definitely love this guy.He is the best thing after slice bread.He is jor.What he doesn't posses in acting,he makes up in good looks.He is not the best actor,but who cares?He is the Best looking actor at the moment and trust our ladies,they have done practically everything to get his attention.Read an excerpt from an interview he granted recently:

“I cannot take away the fact that this is show business and people would like to see people that are easy on the eyes on Tv. My handsomeness contributed to my swift rise in stardom, but it is more of talents than good look because there are a lot of people that have got good looks but they do not all make it as actors"
"They have done a lot of things that I cannot say here. Ladies have sent me all sorts of messages; I have received all manner of nude pictures. It has been very crazy. It could get distracting when you are in the middle of work and you check your phone to find the picture of a nude lady in it. But by now, I am getting used to it. It all comes with the job. It is not embarrassing to me though. I am used to ladies attention right from when I am a young boy. I learnt something from a senior colleague. He told me that ladies are in love with the image of me on the Tv and not with me as a person. Until you find the one you love, the rest are just snowballing"


  1. He still Luks gay 2 me.Yes he's goodluking but not my type.too yellowish­čśü

  2. detoun thank God u still know he cant act to save his cute face.he is lucky to be in an industry wr godluks outshine talent.unfortunately,there is no hope for a talented man but ugly.

    1. What dyu knw? Hissss

    2. who be dis na?bia stay in ur lane and stop following me na sunday,dont av time for pple like u.