Saturday, 28 December 2013

See the effect of people's comments on Halima Abubakar for calling her fat.

Some comments must have gotten to her.Telling her to be mindful of the type of clothes she wear.They told her to hit the gym fast so as to get rid of the folds on her side.She listened to you.And she posted this picture to let you know she actually works out.
Eyah Halima don't you know the rules?Thou shall not read blog comments to avoid high blood pressure lmao.


  1. she had better work it cos she ws never dis fat b4 and besides,which kain work out be dis?like someone practising 2use d public toilet.

    1. Yummy yummy sharp mouth ha fa na! E Don tey oh. Sender of humans to dier graves... I still dey vex for u Bhet merry xmas n happy new year in advance..

    2. merry xmas madam.