Saturday, 21 December 2013

Odunlade Adekola now an undergraduate of Unilag

He is supposedly the highest paid actor in yoruba movie industry.He got some backlash from the public sometime last year when fans embarrassed him of using bad English.He won't take such further embarrassment again hence his reason to polish himself more by securing admission into the University of Lagos.He's in 100 level studying business administration.

This sounds fantastic.Atleast all the 'fi' for 'V'will stop. (Eg feronica instead of Veronica).


  1. Schl @ wat age?fat still won't change his spoken English.Good spoken English is acquired in primary schl not university.

  2. @annon I totally agree wit u.

  3. I don't agree with anon and Temmy... I will use Pasuma as a case study....Your English can be polished @ anytime in ur life .. It depends on ur ability and willingness...if u are ready to put everything to work to get d@ result, congratulations...