Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Who Is This 'Agbaya' Toyin Is Referring To?

A certain 'Aunty Agbaya' took a piss on Toyin Aimakhu and got her really angry.Seems someone was trying to tarnish her image and mess with her marriage.Some people claimed the lady is a senior colleague of Toyin in the same industry.So who could that be?Read her tweets below:

Continue to tarnish my image all in the name of pretence,AGBAYA..had fun wen I was single, I’m married and will stay in JESUS name…Yes u r dark and ugly,remeba ur age as well..Be walking around all in the name of stardom…GOD always with me.. Aunty Agbaya..Yes I took some roles cos I was single and love my job,I’m married now n is anoda phase..Agbaya continue to dey jump around..U hire pple to comment on blogs all bcos u want pple to feel u r good?do u knw ow many homes u don break…Aunty agbaya, sidon dey act film

So who is this dark and ugly agbaya somebody?

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  1. The irony of life is d@ pple like Toyin will always have the best in marriage..she does not pretend..she comes to u the way she is ..she does not bend the rules for anybody..
    I don't know the Agbaya with all dis attributes ooo...anyway Toyin , jst mind ur marriage and take good care of Niyi.