Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Naija Girls Killing It

These are just pictures of fashionable Nigerian girls of different sizes,shapes and colours.If your pictures made it to this blog,then you are smocking hot.
@Fredaidehen Pregnant Freda is one of us and she's a stunner any day.

Which of the Naija girls killed it for you?
Picture credit:Instagram 


  1. The last two look a hot mess in my opinion. @lovelifepearls looks like a bird with all the hair and feathers,@awedbymoni just looks wrong.I don't really understand @freidaidehen's hat, the look would have been more complete without it and as for the aunty that wants to stab herself in the face with her dress, God is her strength. In general, I think it is easier to pull off a more polished look with 'owambe' dresses. I feel like one of the Joan rangers with my comments.

    1. Pele o Joan rivers of nigeria.Ahy don't u send in ur pics lets judge u.luk @ u saying some1 Luks a hot mess.ode.

  2. Num one and two for me 😚

  3. They are all bold and beautiful...@Freda, norrin do u... My pix is next cos I don vex...