Thursday, 16 January 2014

Read Funmi Iyanda's Tweets On Her Mum Who Went Missing 35 Years Ago

These are touching tweets from award winning TV presenter,Funmi Iyanda.She remembers her darling mum who went missing on her way from work just four months after giving birth.
Awww,I almost shed a tear there*

*35 years ago today, my mother disappeared. We never found her. We think she died in a vehicle storing fuel in kegs. That still happens.

*My mother was strong, organised, stylish, vivacious, funny and justice minded. She taught me to laugh, work, dance and fight. She was cool.

*I care about people and l don't care if that care in return. I was made that way and conditioned by my fabulous mother who picked up strays

*I have eight sisters tosin, seyi, sola, tope, tosin, tolu and lawunmi. Ages from 57 to 21. All pretty incredible. Strong resilient n v funny

*I have three great brothers too. Our mum would be proud, so today l will drive thru the streets of my childhood and feel my mothers spirit.

*She picked up stray souls and fought other peoples battles especially children, had many foster children living in whom l thot siblings

*She once physically beat up the local rapist and adopted his child whilst he went to jail. She had a actual fighting pair or jeans:)..

*Before a fight, she'd say "wo, ma wo sokoto kan na pelu e"and calmly change from her double wrappers or dress to the fighting trousers..hehe

*She once lined up her daughters n told the local lothario, look these are mine, if you touch them l will castrate you. She meant it, he knew

*She always said to me about a woman's worth " ma se asewo tabi ole, to ba d'oju e, wa lo ta aso ni gbagi. Do not be a whore or thief, if ..

*..all else fails, go sell goods at gbagi market. She was enterprising and hard working. Died en route work four months after child birth.

*Perhaps she n l would mostly be at logger heads had she lived or so my sisters tell me but she gave me d backbone I needed before she left.

*Adieu my darling mother Yetunde Stella omo arigbabuowo. Say me well to my father gabriel and my adopted ehn on Sisi remi lagos.

*Loads of typos in those tweets, I apologise but you get the general drift. Hard 2 c thru tears and glasses:) I miss her much, always have.
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