Friday, 17 January 2014

"I Worked Hard For My Engagement Ring.I'm Not Going To Return It" TokeMakinwa Says

Toke was a guest on Moments with Mo two days ago.In that particular episode,the ladies talked about engagement and rings. And the question of whether it is proper for a lady to give back her ring in a case of a broken engagement.Well,Toke says she won't.
'" I would rather give it to a jeweler to turn it into earrings than return it  because I worked hard all those years for it "
Some agreed with her,others did not.
So ladies,would you return your ring or you'd rather keep it?And guys,do you expect your ring back after a broken engagement?
Left to me,it depends on how much the ring costs.


  1. If its not that expensive I'll let it go but it cost me a fortune to get it..lie lie she must give me back