Saturday, 22 February 2014

Are They Really Going To Kill Kolade Arowolo?

Excuse my ignorance and please permit me if my questions seem dumb and ignorant.We all have
been following Kolade Arowolo/Titi Arowolo's case since 2011.So he was finally found guilty of murder and sentenced to 'Death'.Since I heard this,so many questions ran through my head.
Is that the final judgement?He can't appeal?Are they really and truly going to kill him?When?How?Will the public know when he's dead?Okay,I asked these questions because I remember a particular pastor that burnt his church members to death in Lagos sometime.He was also sentenced to death but i doubt if they killed him.Some say he still enjoys life in prison and his church members still visit him.(Guys do you remember that pastor?)
Back to Kolade,I don't know about you but as someone who's got blood flowing in her system,chai......I feel for this guy o.Yea,yea,yea,an eye for an eye,He who kills by the sword bla bla I know.I'm never and will never be in support of domestic violence but how about they gave him life in prison with correct hard labour?He suffers more that way.Just for the sake of his 5 year old daughter nah abi?In the country where I reside,I have never really heard of a death sentence sha and if this case were put before them,he'd probably get a life.
Maybe I'm wrong,maybe my emotions becloud my judgement,dunno but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
I am asking again,is that the final judgement for Kolade Arowolo and can he not appeal?Atleast for life in prison?
I know this is a very sensitive issue.Abeg no vex if this write up offends anyone o.These are just my thoughts.


  1. Hmm Detoun his case don pass appeal o.this is a clear case of murder.they will surely kill d bastard.Titi can den rest fully in peace.She got justice.

  2. Until d system is reviewed and changed, Detoun, I'm sorry to say to u d@ that is Kolade's fate oo...I don't support capital punishment cos it is not a deterrent of crime and it's very unethical...BUT it is constitutional here in Nigeria...