Saturday, 22 February 2014

I Am A Wife Material,I Pray Five Times A Day And Cook Well-Sikiratu Sindodo

Popular actress Sikiratu Sindodo opened up to Punch about being the perfect wife material..She said people should ignore the tattoos & piercings

“I know I will make a good wife. I cook well; I am not the outgoing type. If I am not working, I am at home. It is sad that when people see me outside, they have a different impression about me. I don’t know why, maybe it is because I am an actress. I am not like that, I pray five times a day.

If I open the trunk of my car for you, my praying mat is there. I may not do that when I work all day but in the night I do so. People do not believe that I am close to God. When I into acting, it is different. I wear different kinds of clothes just to fit into the character I am playing at a particular time but I am different. That I have tattoos and piercings does not matter. Some people that do not have all these things are worse. I do not sleep around; they have a very bad impression about me. When I am dating a person, I make it known. I do not have to hide it that I am dating somebody. If I am dating a person and the person trusts me, my family knows about the person and knows what I can do, I don’t care about what anybody says.”


  1. But you stole oluomo's gold that time *side eye*

  2. Lmaooooooooo Amaks
    No need to read d intvw again.u av summarised for me.

  3. With ur ayamatanga nails, bleached body, boobs "everly" on display etc keep on deceiving urself

  4. She speaks , and I let those who get am for ear hear w@ the spirit is saying to the .......