Friday, 28 February 2014

Is There Someone Out There Who Can Tell Tonto To Write Properly

Why on earth does She do this?I mean Tonto Dike.Have you tried to read anything she composes?If you don't have such patience like me and a few others,don't bother reading anything from her.It's time wasting.Because I still do not get why someone of her calibre will refuse to spell correctly and feels the need to replace her *S* for a *Z*.C'mon now babe,from what I know,you write the way you speak.Does it mean she pronounces *less* as lezz*,*is* as *iz*?SMH
I know some will be like if you don't like her or the way she writes,stop visiting her page.Well,I like her and that's why I visit her page.I just don't like the way people throw shades at her that she gbagauns a lot despite being a graduate.
Everybody gbagauns anyway,none is perfect but hers is becoming an everyday gbagaun.Don't get me wrong though,I'm not saying she should start using big vocabs to express herself,just change your  'z' to 's'.It takes the same seconds doesn't it?hian!!


  1. I pray she getz to read this because im also tired of the way she writes most

  2. So many half baked grads out there.She can't spell to save her lyfe.wizkid complained abt her too and tweeted it.Dat one was disgusted.😕