Friday, 28 February 2014

MTN Users Are You Here?

Waoh this is the fourth and final recharge card our Anonymous is dashing out.Kudos to this wonderful person.Like he said,this is just his own little way of showing love to people out there for the fabulous month of February.
As we dash out this very last card to two people today (yes we are giving out to MTN cards but worth 750 each),may love never cease to grow in this Anonymous household.I pray The Lord makes a difference in his life today and may he be filled with inexpressible joy.Amen
Oya o,even if you don't use MTN,you can win it for someone can't you?Imagine how excited that person would be.


  1. How will I win it na?

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    Keep it up!

  3. We would really like to win so how do we go about winning?

  4. I really wish to win dis time .