Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Joseph Benjamin The Ladies Man,Flirts With All The Hot Girls On Set

First with Dayo Amusa

He then moves over to queen of the hips,Jocelyn Dumas

And then finally marries Iyabo Ojo.

Hehe if it's a movie,we definitely watching.


  1. Every man wld be faithful if God took an inch off his dick every time he cheated...
    The gap btw Dayo's teeth looks like a drive way...
    I like Benjamin as an actor...chikena...
    I must watch too oo..

    1. The tingy dat bugs me is the flirting n cheating rate(flirting leads to ______).Don't blame dem,since Moses pointed a rod at the Red Sea n it divided into two for them to pass,so also Men feel dey can point their rod(joystick) at dat women tingy n expect it to open it for dem to pass.SMH.Joseph;dey dream,clear there bush n dey deceive d chics dey go joor!!!!!!

    2. He actually reminds me of Joseph the dreamer in the bible.

  2. am I just d only one?him and Dayo look good togeda.