Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Psquare was inspired by our marriage to settle down

In a chat with NET,the couple says their union inspired the singing brothers to settle down with their partners.

 ‘Us getting married inspired both Peter and Paul to decide to settle down with their partners.’

They used to look at me and say ‘you this small boy don quickly marry and even born pikin sef’, added Papy J.

However,there's a battle going on on who becomes newly born Princess Eliana's godfather.It's between Peter and Dbanj.


  1. Sometimes to take a step in life ,u don't av to see the whole staircase..just take d first step...(it's applicable to marriage) ...
    But it's Peter already..Peter is Eliana's Godfather..

  2. Kaffy,u for borrow ur hubby's shorts tu hid those skin welsh so ur hubby can wear urs.we undastand u no lyk photoshop.anywayz,its somfin tu be proud off since dey copied a good tin from u.Abeg no choose D'banj ooooooo,na koko slang him go use tutor am.