Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Lola Alao Broke?Works As A Supermarket Sales Girl In California?

This news is all over the Internet.Movie actress and mother of one,Lola Alao,who currently lives with her new husband in God's own country is said to be facing some hard times at the moment.Sources close to her claim the once glamorous Lola has lost her  shine and glamour and now works as a sales girl in a supermarket (but what's bad in working at a supermarket abroad?)
Close sources also claim she might be relocating back to Nigeria soon,back to the movie world and continue from where she stopped as an actress as that was fetching her more money than now. 
Hmmm hopefully it's only rumours and she comes out to debunk it soon.


  1. The problem here with our pple is d@ we sleep, eat , walk, play, propose, court, and finally marry "IGNORANCE"...for some , IGNORANCE don born twins , triplets for them..they are wallowing in it...
    What d fuck is d problem if someone takes up an honest job?...Broke? Is she on d street begging?

  2. At least she s not selling her gizzard .

  3. Her ashawo business pays more dan sales girlism dats why she wants to move bk.who cares anyway.