Monday, 24 February 2014

Meet Kenyan's Baddest Girl,Huddah Munroe

As Maheeda is to Nigeria,so is Huddah to Kenya.
Both badt gaan.There's no need describing her with some long intro.She is the same as Maheeda but reps Kenya in the nudity sector.The Kenyan socialite and former big brother Africa contestant once said she has a crush on President Jonathan.
This is what she wrote on her Instagram profile about herself "if you don't feed me,finance me or fuck me,your opinion about me is none of my business.Rich by association.
She also dated Goldie's Prezzo and doesn't hide the fact that Prezzo was the best sex she ever had.She called him a beast in bed.


  1. Detoun, make u tell them ooo...If they don't Tripple "F"(Feed, Finance and Fuck) dis gal , make dem no even comment below....Her case is already a closed one...

  2. Hehhehehehe ok we dey see u @ xstardess how far