Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shocking Photos:New Born Baby Found At A Canal

Lord have mercy!!Who does this?I mean who goes through the pains of pregnancy only to have the baby and drop it somewhere for the baby to die?Why bring an innocent soul into this world and subject him/her to toture? Things like this breaks my heart completely.This baby was found at a canal at the back of census market,off Bode Thomas Surulere,yesterday,with his placenta still wrapped around him.
Graphic pictures below:


  1. ha I can not watch.why why why why?

  2. Nowadays d evil d@ men do , surprises even d devil.... Death sef run commot for naija cos we wan kill am.. Yes ! Naija fit kill death if dem see am..
    God gave her a chance to bring forth a destiny but she never gave the baby a chance to live and fulfill d@ destiny....