Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Must Listen To This.Unforgivable Movie Soundtrack By Dayo Amusa IsFinally Out

The sultry actress has released the
soundtrack for her movie,Unforgivable.
It had stars like Desmond Elliot and Mike Ezeruonye.Who knew she's such a good singer?Listen to the soundtrack yourself and rate Dayo's musical talent.


  1. i take God beg u detoun I struggled to get to 45 secs and im drained already.who d hell sings like dis in 2014?she was talking and screaming and she calls dat music?she'z not serious at all.

  2. Yummy mummy I think u are a fool for saying dat abt d video.did u watch d same video she posted or u are imagining anoda one in ur head?
    Kudos to dayo for a nice job.

    1. @anon, no need to call her a fool now...D fact d@ the video does not appeal to her does not stop it from being a good video...she is entitle to her opinion....and I know yum yum mummy is just being funny...she loved it.

    2. im a fool keh?for not liking ur video?
      ok I'm so sorry for my harsh words.No's just not my type of music.

      @xsta baby I don't like d song o.but I will listen to it again to wat everyone is on abt.

  3. Wow... I cldn't believe my ears and eyes when I saw d video...Dayo really killed dis song ...and the guy , is a plus...I love d video , the concept, the lyrics and their expressions.... I give it to her on dis...Amaka, u won't regret it , try and download...