Friday, 14 February 2014

Read Lola Omotayo's Val Message to Peter.You'll Love it


  1. everyone sha has one love story or d other to tell albeit fake.
    isokay,happy vals day lola and peter.

  2. Detoun, I want to make dis post a page to share ur love msgs to ur loved ones...
    This is mine to my hubby...I remember d@ 1daful year when with d ring our lives started.I can't believe afta all dis yrs u still can touch my heart dis way.I'm blessed 2 av saved d best 4 d last.Tonite in ur arms,still feels like our 1st nite 2geda,only d@ it feels much stronger.
    Ur look calm my fears,it erases all doubt,ur love can't be denied cos it is d key 2 my peace of mind.I can't let the chance 2 love u pass me by darling...
    Ur passion feed d fire of our love.U make us feel like one.It's so easy loving u.
    Ebun mi(my gift), each nite I'm lost in peaceful dream, thoughts crosses my mind like, av I tried in every way 2 show u everyday d@ u are my only one? cos I don't want circumstances whr there's no second chance 2 tell u how I feel..
    Tonite, again, I offer w@ u cannot buy.."devoted love until we die".. Happy val..

    1. Awwwn! God pls when the time is right send me my own that will wipe my tears oh!

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  4. You all are just funny pple in here.Nice blog Toun.