Sunday, 16 February 2014

Shoe Of The Day!!

I call it Christain Louboutin Adire platform but they call it Christain Louboutin high boubou something.The
confusing thing about this pair of heels is that,one goes for 245,000 naira and another same pair goes for 24,000 naira.And they are exactly the same.Why is that?


  1. I just had a shoegarsm *covers face* Toun, you know there are adire and there are adire; abeokuta dey, cotonou dey, cote d ivore dey........maybe the expensive one na abeokuta and the other na cotonou

    1. Hian so because it is Cotonou,Louboutin should now hike the price that much huh?SMH

  2. D@ N24,000 own, na d kain shoes wey go turn water into rainbow if rain falls on it..when u wear adire shoe commot for house, rain come meet u for road ,by the time u enter house, na d shadow of the adire pattern u go see for ur shoe. Ur adire shoes go don paint the town tie and dye..bye-bye to adire louboutin be d@...