Sunday, 16 March 2014

A 15 Year Old School Girl Designed This Wedding Dress From Real DivorcePapers

A schoolgirl's 'ironic' wedding dress design made from divorce papers has become an internet hit and attracted interest from major fashion designers.
Demi Barnes, only posted a picture of her dress, designed as part of her GCSE art coursework, on Facebook to show it to a cousin in Italy.
But within days, her impressive design had gone viral getting more than 40,000 'likes' and prompting several admirers to ask 15-year-old Demi to design their wedding dress.

Online hit: Demi Barnes's wedding dress made from more than 1,500 divorce papers has gone viral after she posted a picture of it on Facebook

The school girl was inspired by Princess Diana's iconic wedding gown.The dress  was made using more than 1,500 genuine divorce papers.
Demi, a student at Lingfield Notre Dame School in Surrey, designed the dress to represent the notion that too many people rush into getting married and end up getting divorced.
She said: 'When I put it up on Facebook, it was just to show my cousin in Italy what I’d been up to.  

'Within a week, it had had over 40,000 hits and people were approaching me to design their wedding dresses. 

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