Sunday, 16 March 2014

Video Very Disturbing:Father Shot 3 Times,Dies While Protecting His Son Who Also Died (Extreme Violence)

This is the saddest video you will see all day. A father and his son died from multiple gunshot wounds while resisting a robbery attempt on a transit bus in Ecuador.
AmaguaƱa Changoluisa Joseph Sanchez, a hard working baker, withdrew $20,000 from a bank to repay a loan. The money was stashed in a briefcase guarded by his son, Franklin Fernando Changoluisa Chilig.

Police believe several hoodlums cased the bank and saw Sanchez withdraw the large sum of cash. The thugs followed Sanchez and his son onto the transit bus. Moments later, the brutes began pistol whipping the son who refused to give them the briefcase. Sanchez threw himself over his son in a desperate attempt to protect him. But the bandits shot them and fled with the $20,000 — Sanchez’s life savings.
Sanchez was shot 3 times in the back during the melee. One bullet passed through his left lung and exited his chest. Another bullet missed his heart by inches, giving him precious time to spend the final few minutes of his life with his dying son.
According to a reader, the heartless thieves were later captured by police.
The bus driver was also detained on suspicion of being an accomplice. He failed to hit the panic button on the bus which would have alerted police to the crime in progress.

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