Sunday, 16 March 2014

Honourable Abike Dabiri Blasts Nigerian Leaders On The Exploitation Of Job Seeking Youths In Nigeria Which Led To The Death Of 15 Youths

The House of Representatives member,Honorable Abike Dabiri has lent her voice to the tragedy that happened  in cities across Nigeria yesterday,involving unemployed graduates and the Nigerian Immigration service.

The stampede so far has killed 15 people as the Nigerian Immigration Service raised 2 billion naira from the application fee received from each applicants.

Read what Abike Dakiri said on the tragedy.

“The house of reps had passed a resolution asking govt agencies to stop charging applicants for employment.. but the executive did nothing
Your vote is your power. Use it wisely to bring change in Nigeria. Fight to ensure your vote counts. Enough of being taken for granted!
Exploitation of desperate youths seeking employment. Another pathetic result of failure of leadership in Nigeria” – Abike Dabiri said via Twitter

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  1. Ļş only God that can help us ȋ̝̊̅̄й this country.