Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Please Help!I'm Having Sleepless Nights Over An Advise I Gave A Friend

Something happened to me some times ago.I met a lady in one of my besties house during a dinner party organised for her son who just graduated.Dis 5year old boy won my heart cos he was so intelligent and very inquisitive..along the line I met dis lady who happened to be her mother..she looked pale and worried..

After d whole fun, I ask my friend abt d lady , she said d lady is her neighbour,d@ her husband travelled 2 years ago and has not heard from him for like 16months now..she also said she has issue with d landlord plus d welfare of the children is choking her..(yeah,she discovered she was preggy again after her husband left and ofcourse her husband was aware). Apart from the young champ ,she has another 2 year old boy..
My friend and I put some money together for her house rent and little to take care of the children(d husband's family, really I don't know but I think they are doing their best too)...
I became a god mother to her sons..Now it's two years and the husband just she's happy and well again..but the day d husband came back home, she called me to come over and I did but after the whole drink and all , I called her and I told her not to have any sexual intercourse with him no matter w@ until she is sure again abt her hubby's HIV status...Immediately, I said d@, all d happiness left and I felt so sad and guilty...truly I want her to be happy and back into her husband's arms but i just fear for her and her children...pls ,am I wrong? ...wetin be my own?..I be her family? Na all dis questions dey riot for my head.. I wldn't say she got upset ..even if she did get upset ,she wldn't show it cos she respect and adore me so much d@ some times I get embarrassed...we still talk and I still see them , just d@ I never put it up again but it's like I feel I already created a fear in her ....even if she does not take to my advice, do u know w@ will be going on on her mind whenever she and her husband are intimate? ....she will be emotionally unfit ..d@'s d state I just put her.. I bet she won't enjoy her sex life with her husband until she's sure and I'm sure she is not bold enough to ask her husband cos she might not want to lose him again....Mehn, w@ was I thinking ... I shld av thought of all these....I blame myself.. Was I wrong to have given such advise?I need people's advise too.


  1. Interesting but I've learnt never to put nose in husband and wife matter becos by d time they settle,the shenk u to d side and they make feel like a bad person.i think u went too far wt d HIV status.wat if he doesn't av HIV ?d fact dat he lived abroad for two yrs doesn't mean he was sleeping is not biscuit u just pick up in the shop.but u did very well for been there for her and her son and god will surely reward u 4dat.
    Dats my own two kobo

  2. U did nothing wrong.Don't mention it to her again.I biliv she knows u meant well👍

  3. I think u already know better...u did well by telling guiltless..and go and sin no more...