Wednesday, 12 March 2014

'My Wife Is Angry With Me Over The Rape Case' Obesere

Obesere's worst nightmare isn't over yet.As we speak,his case is still pending at the SCID office in Yaba Lagos.The ongoing rape scandal he is battling with keeps getting messier.

In a recent interview, the Fuji musician said his housewife, Abike is still angry with him for the show of shame.

When asked about his wife’s reaction to the rape scandal, Obesere said:

My wife Abike is angry with me, but I am her husband, so she will forgive me,’

If found guilty of rape, Oberese could spend the rest of his life in jail.

Section 258 Criminal Law of Lagos State 2011 No 11 prescribes a life sentence for convicted rapists.


  1. Were ni bobo yii sha.wat makes u tink ur wife will forgive u? Now I'm thinking u re truly guilty of d rape dare u even think becos u are d husband ur wife will 4give u.u will rot in jail

  2. Bcos u are her husband is not enough reason for her to forgive u...even NEVER assume love is enough to make someone stay or come back to you...Because when pain strikes the heart love fades away...Mr Ode