Friday, 28 March 2014

This Life Ain't Fair Really.People Do The Unimaginable And Still GetAway With It

Girls are not smiling at all o.I thought there was an adage which says "the cane used in beating the first wife is kept up there for the second wife"
Yeah right......that adage doesn't work one bit.It was just coined to put check on people's morals.To start with,this write up is just from my own myopic point of view of the Tchidi Chikere vs Ex wife Sophia and the soon to be new wife,Nuella Njubigbo.You don't have to agree though.
According to Nuella's statement,she confirmed dating Tchidi and they'll be getting married soon.Father of three boys who get wife!!Fear God o.

"Let me start by confirming some of the rumours you may have heard. Yes, the traditional marriage rites between Tchidi Chikere and I will be performed soon. This was not the way we imagined or planned it, but as they say, nobody has a crystal ball to tell where or who we end up with.In the past two years, Tchidi and I worked more, we got closer and more friendly, we were both single and I began to understand and see the real him. Needless to say that I also began to really, really like this real person I was getting to know more and more with every passing day. Then it happened, our hearts clicked.Suffice this to say, he proposed to me a while ago and after very careful thought and consideration on every side I said yes.(Story)
Please her press release was more than this i just picked the lines that hit me the most.

And of course,Tchidi's wife reacted to her statement with a curse.Just like the saying,"hell hath no furry like a woman scorned".
"I swear with my life, my children's life and everything I have that Nuella started dating my husband before he left the marriage. But because I respect my husband a lot, the father of my three boys, I have kept calm and won't talk and comment because there is no need to wash your dirty linen in public. Tchidi is a wonderful husband and father and will always be.

But if Nuella opened her mouth and said that she wasn't dating my husband before he left the marriage, if she's lying let her not see anything good in life and if I'm lying let me not see anything good in life.

The long and short of this whole drama is that,Nuella is going to marry Tchidi and will surely get away with it,I believe.
In cases like this,one would expect the same cane used for d first wife to come down quickly for the second but nah......that cane would probably rot up there.Mercy J nko?Foluke D nko?Stella D too is still enjoying o,pretty Tiwa S and a whole lot of other non celebs that I know personally that are cruising other women's husband.
I was reading people's comments and how they rained curses on Nuella.Unfortunately,those curses are null and void.People cursed Mercy J about two years ago,she's living happily with someone else's husband jare.What about Tee Billz other woman in the States?She and hers probably cursed Tiwa too but who is enjoying?As painful and hurtful as it is,it's a freaking man's world.
That's why I said this life ain't fair.Women,we are our own "worstest" enemy.


  1. detoun all dis pple u mentioned can't go scot free,dey can enjoy all dey can now but when their cup is full they get paid.

  2. But chidi's wife is not a saint too.she get boyfriend go and find out😾

  3. Karma Is is a will catch up with dem sooner or l8ta.