Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Naija Actresses And Husband Snatching Saga:Who's To Blame?

It's fast becoming a trend,in fact it is already a trend.If you are in Nollywood and you have not yet snatched someone's husband,then you've not arrived.Ahn ahn!You actresses should just chill a bit nah.You've managed to build a name and reputation for yourself,why rub it in the mud by engaging in some messy affair?
Three people are always involved in this drama.The Actress aka snatcher (also known as FA,IE,NN,SD,MJ,FD,MA,and lately,RO),the husband aka "snatched"and the wife aka owner of the snatched who normally lives abroad.
I don't want to be the accuser,judge and jury here.In as much as I feel d pain of these women whose husband,whom they've laboured with and built a home with over the years are being taken away by some strange woman,I'm still going to be objective and be fair to each party.

The Actress:She starts as a waka pass actress.One year,two years,three......she eventually lands her first role.Luckily for her,the movie is a hit.She becomes famous,a house hold name.Scripts start to flow in both locally and internationally.Her bank account gets fat.She gets a brazillian hair,buys a car,bleaches her skin from proper black to white *that one is compulsory anyway*so that she gets more noticeable on screen and when camera light flashes on her,she looks more photoshopped and super attractive to people watching.Ghen Ghen,she gradually tows the lane of a "Nollywood Big girl".Her Instagram handle changes to #dorobeauty or #dorosexy.Mind you,she is still a young single girl who wishes to get married someday and have a respectable suitor is welcomed from all angles.
The Husband:The person involved here is always a second hand commodity (respect to Etcetra).He is married with kids."The husband" most of the time lives abroad.After a hard day's work,He comes home,sits in the comfort of his house,relaxes in front of his plasma,watches Nollywood.And then gbam!!!light,camera,action.He sees *the actress*who is just doing her job.Who is well packaged.In a flash,just in a flash,*The actress* looks more beautiful than his wife who already has 3 kids for him.In his mind he goes "dang dang dang who is this one again?I haven't seen her before o".Waits till the end of the movie,gets her name and rushes to google.He has all d info he needs to process his application.At that very moment,the wife begins to lose her value and credibility.She begins to look uglier than he ever thought and then in his mind,she's too dark and fat.

The abroad wife:Lmaooooo everybody calls her the victim.Because she is in fact the victim.Some people could refer to her as mumu,ode,too slow,gullible.She has one,two,three or more kids for "the husband" so no where to go.She is always  a hard worker,always looking out for her family.She is not all saintly and godly but she is the wife.Nothing much is really known about the abroad wife until "the husband successfully carries out a secret wedding to the actress.And then she goes "ehn mogbe,nigbawo,nibo,yeh,mo ti ku o and so many exclamations that make lil or no sense at all.Hehehehe
Fast forward:Actress is married.To who?To "the husband"
she gets confronted and she goes,errr uhn,ermmm,I knew he was married but he told me I am better than his wife so I agreed to marry him to make him happier. or,"well I didn't ask her to leave,I only asked her to shift to the side. Or in a worst case scenario,the actress says "so what if he has a wife?He's an African man and he's entitled to more than one wife".
Finally,the husband gets cornered and people ask him "why did u leave your wife to marry the actress?"Because she's cheating.Although,I didn't catch her red handed,I only saw it in my dreams.So before it becomes a reality,I decided to marry The Nigerian Actress who wouldn't cheat".Lobatan!!!!!

So who's to blame?Is it the Nigerian actress who knows he has a wife (and kids) at home but would still go ahead to hurt her fellow woman after all,they are not of the same blood?Or is it the man who can't  control his wandering eyes and feels he can do anything wrongfully wrong under the sky and gets way with it or the abroad mumu wife who might suspect her husband is cheating but keeps quiet about it till it flashes right into her face?
It's indeed a question that bugs the mind.Have a lovely day readers.


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    About the post;Nollywood actress cannot do without husband snatching,,just lyk fish cannot do without has become a hashtag sef.And do u notice dat it is almost the people dat are busty,are the ones who take part in the mess.Wetin breast go cause in the life of men henn,,,,,

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  2. Detoun dis write up fit put u 4 trouble sha.Bk to d topic.Wat goes around comes around.U can't snatch somebody's hubby and think u are free.That twin girl that sings,dat just died some days ago,she was dating a married man.only god knows wat d wife did to her.single ladies beware.

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