Thursday, 16 October 2014

Guipure Lace Extravaganza

Guipure lace is one of the most elegant lace fabrics.It has been in existence for long but just like every other fabric,went into extinction and now it's back in trend.I always say you can never go wrong in guipure.It is a very glamourous material that needs little accessories or none at all.However way you want to wear it,fitted iro and buba,long fitted or midi length dress,or just a peplum blouse on a pair of jeans,you can never go wrong.You can even make it look more stunning by sewing a contrast coloured inner wear.
I've compiled some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Yipee,I no go dey spend owo iyebiye to sow cloth again.With #500 and any design here;Iya bisi wud sure give me a gorgeous iro n buba.

    1. Yummy mummy 201416 October 2014 at 22:42

      Madam lollybee,sho wa pa?
      Detoun dis one wey u just dey drop one post per day I know wan complain make u no run away again.

    2. Lol yummy mum pls do not complain o.I ll do better with time.

  2. Yummy mummy 201416 October 2014 at 22:38

    D lace heavy die.I av one.