Friday, 19 December 2014

Who should win the best celebrity couple 2014?

Although these two are yet to tie the knot,but they are still one of the celebrity couples we admire.They are both young,fresh (I mean not fairly used lol),they compliment each other in terms of looks and they both have good careers.One is a broadcaster and the other is a pilot.What more can they ask for?

I love these two.Mr and Mrs Johnson for short.They both have one thing in common,they are good to look at on the screen.You can never get tired of Toyin Aimakhu's versatility on set and Niyi brings that fine boy softness to our screen.They are not shy to give us some PDA especially on Instagram.They deserve to be on the list.
Some people call them Nigeria's Jay Z and Beyonce.Apart from a few controversy here and there,we can't rule out the fact that they are cute and fit each other perfectly.Tiwa uses her singing talent to make money for herself while Tunji manages her career.If you have a husband that is interested in your career and manages it well for you,the sky should be your starting point.
This newly wed couple fits into the list as well.Awww Dr Sid looks genuinely in love with his bae and Simi looks like someone who is calm and collected and knows exactly what she wants and goes for it.They are expecting their first child together.

How can I not put Toke and Maje Ayida?Their love story goes back to the days of our forefathers.Before Christ was born lol.Just kidding.
These two have bared it all and weathered the storm together if you know what I mean and they are still standing.

What y'all think?Is it Toolz and Tunde,Toyin and Niyi Johnson,Tiwa and Tbillz,Dr Sid and Simi or Toke and Maje?The celebrity couple 2014 should be?

Please note,I purposely did not put older couples on the listThey've been celebrated enough.

Meanwhile,can these two (Banky W and Niyola) start dating already?They should stop teasing us nah and just start like right now.Thank you.


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