Saturday, 31 January 2015

After the marriage breakup brouhaha Toyin Aimakhu bounces back stuns in new pics

We,her fans thank God that the whole marital saga is over and she and hubby are back together.Marriage ain't for the faint hearted.
Toyin is back and better looking all lush and pweety like nothing happened.She has on this velvet and sequined dress fit for a red carpet.

I think the weight adds to her beauty.Or what y'all think?
Meanwhile,take your marriage off social media for a while.I know sometimes one is carried away when you love someone and that person loves you back,you just want to shout it to the world.You can still do that but in a mature way.Don't put every hair relaxer,earring and shoe from hubby on social media nah.Cool down.Take a cue from Dakore.It's a good thing you got yourself a stylist.Get a PR too if it won't cost you much.Don't talk too much,it ain't ladylike.And biko please,for the love of everything that makes sense to you,reduce the way you kiss people on screen.You are married and OMGOSH!the way you tongue twist everybody is a bit too much.Sogbo jor,just for the sake of your hubby.