Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Miss bumbum Brazil reveals graphic pictures of her infected thighs caused by fillers to give her a bigger bumbum and thighs

Terrible toll: Brazilian TV presenter Andressa Urach, a runner up in Brazil's Miss BumBum competition, has revealed the terrible damage wreaked on her body by plastic surgery after wounds in her thigh were infected
Remember the runner up for Miss bumbum Brazil,Andressa Urach?She was the one that went into shock as a result of some chemical stuff injected in her thighs to give her a bigger thigh and bigger bumbum.She has released a picture of the damage wreaked on her thigh as a result of infection caused by the chemical.It's a bit graphic!
Taped up: The presenter spent a month in intensive care and reportedly feared she would lose her leg

Damage: The sobering, graphic photos show gaping holes in Miss Urach's thighs, all in the name of beauty

The 27-year-old suffered from septic shock after wounds from a procedure last July became infected

Miss Urach featured in the Miss BumBum contest in 2012 and claimed she slept with Cristiano Ronaldo

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