Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Does Omotola's purple feathered dress really look like big bird of sesame street?

This is what the famous,brutal,say-it-as-it-is blogger,Emmy Collins,compared Omotola's 'Muyiwa goes to Nollywood concert' dress to.Big bird.(I'm trying harrrrrrd not to laugh)
Dear readers,what is wrong with Omotola's dress?Can you actually see traces of big bird in it?Are there some similarities for real?


  1. Hehehehehe....Lwkmd oo
    Afi Big Bird na...
    I comment my reserve oo

  2. Funny enough I sald d same, just too busy for me, witout dos feathers around her neck N d necklace Yes, but she carried herself well so it all good. Next.

  3. Omotola sure needs a stylist, abeg! She too dey disappoint. She needs Genevive to gi am adbam. #Babasuwe'sAccent

  4. What has genevieve got 2 do with dis, it is not compulsory 2 comment on dis. Besides, omosexy really look sexy in dat outfit.

  5. When u r still crawling in life, stick 2 snake or tortoise-like dresses..when u r still walking in life, stick 2 elephant or giraffe-like dresses, when u r still running in life, stick 2 leopard-like dresses, likewise when u r still swimming in life , stick 2 fish, shark & dolphin-like dresses(e.g. Tiannahstyle)..OmoT is flying in life, so she has 2 stick 2 birdy-like dresses...go girl...

  6. Please where can i get to buy nigeria fashion magazines? I live in Birmingham.

    1. Oh I'm so sorry,I just saw this.Naija magazines are mostly sold in naija shops.(local food shops to be precise)

  7. I don't like her dress but she has a banging figure!!