Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Will you eat this cake?

This cake is so disturbing.Whoever came up with this idea must be feeling creative already Huh?


  1. Wosdis?not everyone dat appears sane are sane.some are phsycos of d maximum order.i will never eat dis nonsense of a cake

  2. Ewww, i couldn't even look at the sick cake. Am surprised people think it's being creative

  3. God forbid.i will pass.

  4. Just like d way I was staring confusingly at d breast cake my hubby got me on my last buffday...I'm doing d same right now..Altru d parry I was thinking if I've got d heart to cut d cake...infact when d time came , I saw my mum holding her breasts as the knife went tru & I later found myself in d pix,my eyes too were closed..
    As if d@ was not enough torment, d MC deliberately asked me to cut d nipple part & feed my hubby..can u imagine? For buffday ooo, no be say we dey wedding rehearsal oo.
    I think d caterer is a serial w@ was he/she thinking? Infact if d caterer is a woman, she is suppose to be flogged...whr is her heart?

    1. @Xstardess Are you well endowed with blessed oranges?Perhaps your hubby was trying to show the world your assets but on a cake rather than in the flesh Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Evils**God forbid whay kind of evil cake is dis abeg o

  6. Dis is outrageous..wat nonsense!

  7. This baker is trying to tell us something!
    This is basically the thoughts of the baker and what is going on in the bakers mind-this is very disturbing and this baker should be sectioned!!

    TATQ: I won't eat it!