Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Coupled up.Captain Tunde and Toolz

They were spotted at the birthday of Alex Okosi which was held days back at Rhapsody in VI.The party had all the top shots in the entertainment industry including our very cute lovers,Toolz and her boo,Tunde Demuren.They kept on whispering sweet nothing into each other's ears.They obviously can't get enough of each other.
#yeah,we all know that feeling don't we?lol

Awwww look at the way he smiles

And he is still smiling.So sweet
He is gap toothed.I hear gap toothed guys are very romantic


  1. Detoun,I hail oooooo,wit d way u captioned dis,one cannot help but flashback tu romantic times wit our boos sotay I come dey smile into space dey dis kain tin yorubas dey call ere-gele n just lyk Bovi's comedy,maybe she dey sweet-talk am to propose in front of evry1 dere using a makeshift ring;---his cufflinks....

  2. toolz is 2 fat.she shld go and lose weight for her to look as cute or even cuter dan her bobo.Tunde is a fine guy u know.all of u deceiving her say she is curvy are all liars.wat if she begin born?av u tot of aw she go expand?big flabby arms,thick legs,no neck,giant hips....these are a no no for a young lady in just her 20s.she shld go bk to lifting her tyres or just register in d gym.i af said my own.

    I am waiting for d insults to start rolling o.truth is always bitter.

  3. Shout out to Tara!
    Tara the fashion designer,where @ thou?

    1. maybe we ve tu organise e-search party 4 her.yummy mummy;we await ur groupings!!!!!!!!!

  4. sweet

  5. I don't think dis ur Tunde is serious...cos I don't see why he is just there shining his teeth...Which kain captain he be sef..shey e no see enough asset on dis babe ni?..why e dey delay matter now?..infact girls should be allowed to sell their unserious boyfriends the way football clubs sell their unwanted players....