Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year To You All

I'm not one to write long epistles to express myself or to drive home my point.I hate it.But I'll like to show my gratitude to those who believed in me and had my back since the birth of this blog.I know everyone of you.Ok,almost everyone.To everyone that took out a minute to read every post I put up,from the very depth of my heart,I say thank you.To every person that has dropped atleast one comment or comments on my post,you rock my world.Thank you.To people that send me emails on how to improve on the blog,bless you all.You all are fantastic and amazing.Thanks for being a part of my 2013.I do hope sincerely that I get to see  you in 2014.Lets keep rolling together the best way we can.
My blog is just 8 months old.I initially didn't plan to update daily but when I see my page views and people's comments,it makes me proud and happy that some people are reading which makes me feel obliged to put up something everyday.
Once again,from the depth of my soul,I say thank you and I wish each and everyone of us a testimony filled 2014.
Bring it on!


  1. Happy New Year to u and all Treatiezers.
    Detoun, it's been a great year with
    u..Coming on dis blog , knowing I'm gonna
    put smile on some pple's faces , the feeling
    of thinking some are gonna be offended by
    my comments yet their reactions
    have made me more patient and
    Thank u for making me meet the simple &
    the difficult, d patient & d impatient , d
    friendly & d unfriendly, haters and lovers and most of all
    thanks for creating "Treatiezers"( treatiez'
    Olori-ebi , three gbosas for u... Dis ur tenure
    na elele,no nonsense Yummy mummy
    (make I pronounce ur name correctly
    today)..I gbadun u..Amaka, Doyin, Wumzy,Tara, shugy, Yems, Lollybee,Lolade,prodigy
    all anons, Lolu, all treatiezers....Odun, a tura ooo..luv u all.....XSTARDESS SIGNATURE...

  2. X mama I salute U̶̲̥̅̊ gannnn, everyone I Hail , dis Year we re on to greater tinz .Amin.

  3. Happy Nu year Aunty Toun & all Treatiezers. Wishin u a wonderful year ahead! *kisses*

  4. @ aunty toun I miss u so much and happy newyear. Maymay

  5. Happy new year everyone,its going 2 b a beautiful one for us all