Thursday, 16 October 2014

Check Out Our First Lady In This Design

Some Naija designers like to overdo sef.Is there any position like "The special assistant to the First Lady on outfit,fashion,public wears or whatever.If there's none,they need to appoint someone and if there is she should be suspended.
So many things going on on just one body.The round thing on the tummy,on the side,and that thing on the sleeve.Ahn ahn,this designer should fear God o.Is that also a big necklace on her neck?
I'm done!


  1. Hanhan,our first lady wan do farce drama nii?what's wit the clown;I want to be a super woman outfit.abeg,make the designer park well,cos our madam's outfit is too exaggerated to be real.Hian!

  2. Lollyb the yarner,u are bk on dis blog again.toun is good 2 see u bk.first lady u know there is God wt dis masquerad u are wearing lol